Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks is a new middle-school resource-lending program from the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives. These multimedia library kits are packed full of resources from across the Smithsonian Institution that deliver immersive experiences. Through touch, tech, sound, and sight, Traveling Trunks creates a screen-free sensorial rich environment. On our first Trunk students can explore the history and culture of the Caribbean and Central America through teen voices in Nice Tú Meet You. Starting May 2023,  you can check out our Extra & Ordinary: Overlooked Stories of Extraordinary Women Traveling Trunk that tells the story of 20 little-known women across U.S. history. Upcoming themes to launch later in 2023 are: Information Literacy, and solving an art mystery. The program is a free resource for young learners and their educators, and Traveling Trunks can be sent to libraries, schools, community centers, and other learning sites for a month-long lending period, with the option to renew, anywhere in the United States. All costs, including shipping costs are covered; we just ask that users have access to a FedEx office.  ​​Interested in borrowing a Traveling Trunk? Request one Here. (need help? see pdf instructions below)

Available Now

Nice Tú Meet You
Cost: Free
Grades: 5-8

Extra & Ordinary: Overlooked Stories of Extraordinary Women
Cost: Free
Grades: 8-12

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